The Campaign for the Belgrade Library and Community Center

Our library.
Our community.
Our future.

A Library For All.
The Campaign for the Belgrade Community Library.

Bond Election for New Library and Community Center September 14th

Building the foundation for all-ages learning, connection, and inspiration — today, and into the future. For over 80 years, the Belgrade Community Library has been more than just a library for the Belgrade community and the surrounding area. People come to the library for information, entertainment, and inspiration — and they also come to connect with friends, with neighbors, and with the world all around them. This deep community connection has been the cornerstone of our library since day one.

The Reason

Belgrade is Montana’s 8th largest city.

The City of Belgrade continues to grow. Our population has outpaced the square footage requirements for our City Hall, Police Department, and Library.

Our school district is the first school district in state history to go from class C to class AA.

Belgrade City Limits Through Time Since the Current Library Building Was Constructed

Belgrade Population compared to City/Police and Library Space

“People love living here and our expanding population reflects that.” 

The Challenge​

8,000 + visitors per month in a city of 10,000 people

500%  Library program participation growth since 2002

Limited options for hosting public meetings or events, undermining the city & library’s ability to serve our community.

Library Challenges:

Inadequate community space limits amount of booths at community events

Lack of space limits attendance during popular presentations

City Hall Challenges:

Office spaces are overcrowded and have inadequate file storage in City Hall

Courts and City Council and Board meetings take place in the same room – furniture and equipment must be shifted around regularly to accommodate the different functions.

Police Department Challenges:

  • The detective office is being shared which was intended to fit a single full-time employee
  • Multiple officers are sharing workstations because of limited space
  • Parking is inadequate, especially so during events
  • Inadequate evidence storage facilities

The Strategy

With the Belgrade Community Library in its new home, the Police will move into the former library building - a best-case scenario maximizing the utility of what we already have, and saving taxpayers millions of dollars in construction costs.

The Proposal

The Investment

Are you willing to invest in the future of the community of Belgrade to shape and grow your community?

How much will this cost?

The amounts in the chart above can be directly multipled for other assessed property values (for example: a $230,000 property value is 2.3 times $100,000 so multiply the estimated tax by 2.3 to the the estimated tax for this property.)

How do I find the Market Value of my home?

1. Visit

2. Find a property by Owner Name or Property Address. Click Search.

3. Click on the correct property to view details.

4. The Market Value under 2020 Value is the number to use.

The Belgrade Community Library is always accepting donations. The Belgrade Community Library Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and accepts tax-deductible donations to benefit the library.